Sutcliffe is as unique in New Zealand as the beautiful jewellery that we design. Our international award winning pedigree, combined with a long local history of artisan craftsmanship, set us apart from any other jeweller in New Zealand. Our impeccably high standards and passion for our craft were set long before our award winning days in London and continue to this day. It is this internationally recognised skill set that we apply to each and every piece of jewellery we produce, ensuring that our jewellery doesn’t just stand out in New Zealand, but stands tall against any other international jewellery brand. We are a boutique store, offering the very best personal service. Our quality stones are handpicked and conflict free, and our attention to detail is second to none.

Buying jewellery is a very special event, so it’s important to us that people enjoy the whole Sutcliffe experience, from the minute they walk through the door. Our mission is to create pieces that are both simultaneously beautiful and original. Jewellery that says something special about the neck it adorns, or the hand carrying it. To achieve this, we begin by understanding what our customer desires, before looking back at our sources of inspiration and beginning the design process.