Inspired by your love story, each Sutcliffe engagement ring is made just for you. The journey to your perfect ring begins with meeting the jeweller who will design and handcraft your ring. This is a great opportunity to look at some example rings and discuss your story, style and budget. 

The process:

  • Meet the jeweller

  • Choose a gemstone

  • Chat through designs

  • The ring is crafted. This can take a couple of weeks (longer if it is more detailed)

  • The gem(s) arrives and is set

  • The ring can be personalised, including engraving or additional features

  • Pick up your ring in time for the successful proposal.


Handcrafted Process

‘By hand’ is how each and every one of our engagement rings is created. 

Our begins with your first consultation, where you will meet and work directly with the jeweller, and the hands, who will craft your perfect ring. By working closely in consultation with you, we can craft the perfect ring to suit your style and budget.

‘By hand’ is also how we select the all-important sparkle for your ring. Experts on the ground handpick conflict free diamonds to meet our needs. This process ensures that nothing will take the shine off your perfect stone.

The same jeweller and skilled pair of hands then lovingly handcrafts it, using time honour artisan techniques and modern design.

Finally, we can work with you to personalise your ring even further, with engraving and unique stones available on request.




Our care and attention doesn’t end when you pick up your piece of beautiful Sutcliffe jewellery. After the successful proposal, rings can be sized within reason to fit, or engraved for an extra personal touch. We also offer complimentary annual cleaning and maintenance and insurance valuations and certification. We’d like to think that once you’re a customer of Sutcliffe, you’re always a customer.