Love. It’s what we bring to each and every piece of jewellery we create. 

At Sutcliffe, we take our love of time honoured artisan techniques and combine it with your unique love story. The result is an exquisite engagement ring made just for you. We’ve helped 1000’s of couples tie the knot, so we understand the importance of the moment. We will work with you to ensure that when your moment comes, it is perfect for you. 

We are modern traditionalists. We believe in the quality of design and materials. That is what makes a ring timeless. We believe that exclusivity isn’t out of reach. As craftsmen, not salesmen, we work with you to handcraft a beautiful, timeless ring made for you and your budget.

From your first consultation to the successful proposal, perfect big day and each special moment of your personal love story still to come, we’ve got you covered.