A unique, handcrafted ring may not be as expensive as you think. By working directly with the jeweller who will design and craft your ring, you will get the absolute greatest value for your budget. At Sutcliffe, we achieve this by using the various metals and gemstones available to us to craft a ring that doesn’t just perfectly match your style, but also your budget. 

There are three main elements that make up the cost of a bespoke engagement ring. 

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The gemstones within your ring will be a significant proportion of the total cost. The cut, colour, clarity and carat size are what determine a diamonds value. But the same is also true for other gems. As the quality and size increases they become rarer and harder to find. This increases the cost. For example you may discover it is less expensive to have many smaller gems than one large one. We source the very best gemstones we can for your budget so we can maximize the value here.


We predominantly make rings out of three metals. 18 carat white gold, 18 carat yellow gold and platinum. Depending on the style and design of your ring we may recommend one over the other but there are cost savings by choosing 18 carat gold over platinum. We're happy to explain the differences in the materials while consulting with you on your ring.


When we design and handcraft an engagement ring, we really mean it! We sit down and craft it using metal working tools and depending on your design this can take several hours to several weeks. You can browse our gallery of previous work to get an understanding of how this craft can range from simple and stylish to elaborate and totally exquisite.